Wednesday, September 12, 2012

RenoVation Part Deux: Spray It Forward

Side note (that's not really on the side of anything): Super apologies for dropping off of the face of the earth. August was rough, to say the least. We are back on track and roaring to go! 

Another not-so-side note: Thing 2 was featured on being tazim. Check it out!!

Getting organized is key when you want to save time and more importantly, money. Prep work will keep the headaches away and the stress levels down. 

Tip #1: Make a production list of things you would like to do. Then make a second list of what can be salvaged instead of purchased new. I reference my Pinterest account under my "For RV Remodel" board for inspiration on where I can save the most.

In my case, I reused the handles. They were very…let's just say, not my style. Every. single. handle was brass and a lot of the RV was just covered in brass. On the other hand, everything was well-made, and definitely not worth scrapping. Our RV just needed a little pick-me-up. I explored on Pinterest, but unfortunately couldn't find any project that I'd like to do. (Hey, it happens.) So I decided that I was just going to spray paint them white. They look brand-new! 21 handles = $6. Done.

Moving on: The shower to the RV was a disgusting shade of diarrhea. It was sort of a "yellow snow" color, if you catch my drift. I wanted to purchase a whole new shower, and I didn’t care how much it was gonna cost. I just wanted it out. That's how much I hated it. Then, my husband convinced me that I should just spray paint the inside and it would look just as new. (Hmmmm? He must be part Asian. LOL) So, he took on that project and voila! good as new.  

Total cost: $40 for a few cans of Krylon FusionTip #2: Always check with the paint people to make sure you won't need to prime or what you'll need to actually get your paint to stick to plastic. 

Labor: He did it all. Pat on the back and a high five for the husband.

(P.S. They make other colors of spray paint. I just choose white.)

 Spray paint has come a long way. It comes in a variety of different colors and different textures. You can pretty much spray paint anything and make it look new. It is extremely easy and the finished product is awesome!

And I heard 'em spray,