Thursday, July 5, 2012


Here are the results of the "Junk in my Trunk" Contest (and how we decided on how we were going to determine the winner):

First off, Thing 1 refused to spin around ten times so that was out of the question. I guess it was kinda dangerous. (Whatev!) So, we ended up going the "pick a name out of a hat" route…I wrote 'em up, Thing 1 picked. We had witnesses: John, Becky, and Al, to make sure we didn't just pick who we wanted to win…I told you that fair is fair and this is serious business! 

The four platforms: Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Blogger.

Twitter, it is! (Can you spot my friend, Al?)

We had 14 followers, mentions, retweets from Twitter. (Kathleen Garber, you're in there! See your name? lol!)

Rob Co (of The Pitcher Plant Project) aka Coy won the junk in my trunk! Here is Thing 1, she is ecstatic. Al apparently lost interest. Douche.
The "x2" was because he got double entries for retweets and following, which obviously doubled his chances, like we said it would. Lesson to all: be aggressive! haha 

Thanks everyone who entered through every social media platform! It was really fun reading your tips and watching you get involved. Much appreciated!

I definitely have more crap lying around so I'll be sure to do another one of these down the line. Stay tuned until then.

Next post from me: PINTEREST!


I'll be in touch with you soon :) 


  1. I need to pick the winner like that! It's amazing!

    1. Thanks! I thought it was pretty legit…lol


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