Monday, June 25, 2012

Blogathon Wrap-Up #blogathon2

The Biannual Blogathon Bash was really fun and interesting!

I wasn't sure about it, since I'm a noob, but everyone was super kind and helpful (especially on Facebook). There was never any pressure to keep up or do more (or anything, really)…which in turn, made me want to do it all. I found some things that were really valuable, and plan to use in the future with all of my writing endeavors.

I dedicated 16-18 hours between June 22 and June 25th. In that time, I did:
  • a few mini-challenges
  • signed up for certain beneficial networks
  • signed up for Rocks and Roses
  • signed up for Foodie Penpal
  • learned how to make a recipe printable (!!!!)
  • entered a couple contests
  • caught up on 1/5 blog posts (3/5 are half-written. I have to send them off to Thing 1 to go collabo on them)
  • and primped the blog a bit! (See: added informational links on Thing 1 and I -------------->
  •  <------------- tweet button, and a few homies -------------->) 
All in all, a very enriching and learning experience, super glad to have had it.

I guess I forgot to add the wrap-up entry, oh well! Done and done!

Thanks again, Kathleen, and Xenia for letting me know about it. Can't wait til the next one :)

Onward and upward,

PS Thanks for the compliments on my handwriting! LOL!


  1. Wow...didn't know about this. I'm looking through all the links and challenges you guys had to do. Man, you beefed up your site and its great. I'm gonna invest more of my time to pimp out my site. HOLLA !!! Great Job Thing 2.

    1. Yeah, it was pretty cool. I hope to do more of these in the future, it really lights a fire and gives you a goal to reach! I did a little beefin', for sure. lol I'm looking into also changing the background soon!

      Thanks, FM! LOL

  2. You did great and I am glad to have you join us! Hope to see you again in January!


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