Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Got { T } Pain?

Hey there, homie!

   Heard you got a pain in your neck and it's not your baby mama/daddy. I am sorry, Bro, but I got a solution for you:
     Take pain reliever aids. Notice I didn't say, "Tylenol, Advil or Motrin"? That's because I don't buy them. I buy the generic form or store brand. If you look at the ingredients they are the exact same dosages, just in different packaging,  and at times DOUBLE the price! So why not save some dough, and buy the cheaper one?

     The same goes for any type of over-the-counter pills. This is just my opinion and observation. Please consult a doctor...yada..yada..yada...yada... I might be Asian, but I'm not a nurse.

Per the FDA website:[The] FDA firmly believes that generic drug products that have gone through the approval process can be used with the full expectation that consumers will receive the same benefits from generics as they do from brand name equivalents.

"Got my mind on my money and money on my mind." (But I definitely don't have a headache because I just saved money on my pills!)

50 Cent richer,

Thing 1


  1. yep yep costco kirkland pills do all of the same work!

    1. Exactly! <3 costco <3

      The only place I know that I could get a pound of vanilla extract for like $6 lol and it doesn't taste like CRAP!

  2. T totally agree. I rarely buy name brand medication. Also when you get prescribed medication and you have coverage, they give you the cheaper generic brand unless they don't have it. Why would they be able to do that unless they were the same!

    Just stopping by to say thanks for joining the Biannual Blogathon Bash, great to have you!

    1. So true! Some people use brand name drugs because they think they'll be more effective! That makes no sense. You make a great point about even prescribed meds being generic!

      Thanks for the comment, I look forward to next weekend! :)

  3. I took a couple Pharmacy Tech classes (before deciding that wasn't the life for me) and the Pharmacists teaching it said that the brand name/drug companies are the ones that create it and then other companies replicate it. And then in my Business classes, we're told that most brands do side work making generic products lol So for the most part, we buy generic too cause brand name companies are making 'em LOL "Outsourced!"

    But I will say this - when it comes to immunizations, ask for the real deal. Most of the generics use mercury.

    1. LOL "outsourced!" that's ridiculous! But good to know!

      And about the immunizations- really good to know! I read your comment aloud to my sister (Thing 1) and she said, "WOW! That's great info. Tell her that." hahaha So, thanks!


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