Thursday, June 21, 2012

Save Dollars at Disneyland- Food and Beverage Edition

With ticket prices on the rise to enter the happiest place on earth, it can be hard to enjoy yourself if you're so strapped for cash once you get in there.

Here is a huge tip for saving dough on your vacation to Disneyland, World, or any lesser theme park, really. As you already know, we roll deep. This trip we are a group of 8-12 people. Disney sells a 16.9 oz water for $3.50. YOU COULD BUY A WHOLE CASE OF WATER FOR THAT MUCH!

So, DO IT. Carry them bootches in your stroller.

Better yet, get these:

We must've saved probably $100-200 on water alone last time we went to Walt Disney World just by investing in those bottles. PLUS, we stayed super bossy and hydrated. The heat in Orlando (and Anaheim) is no joke! (BTW: I lived in FL for almost two years while working for the Mouse!) Every restaurant gives out free water, as well. (Not the outdoor food carts though, unfortunately.)

Tip: Bring two waters per person (if your kids can handle carrying two waters. Ours have little SF Giants backpacks to hold their goods.) Standing in line is a little mundane sometimes, but it still takes a lot of out you on a hot day. Stock up. It's summer, dude.

The Kid having an apple fruit leather while waiting in line for the new Matterhorn!
Sidenote: If you decide to buy a case of water, do yourself a favor and plan ahead. With your two bottles, fill one water bottle almost to the brim, and throw it in the freezer overnight. (If you're using your Brita, don't freeze the top, just in case. I don't know how the filter would react to freezing. Anyway, keep refilling your ice bottle with your non-ice bottle. Cold water all day. You're welcome. Super-side note: You could even go the extra mile and see if a water filter will fit in your hotel room.

And snacks, man! You could save a ton of money (and probably an inch or two on the waist) if you bring waters, Gatorade, cherries, and fruit leather like we did on this trip. Thing 1 is always saying how great it is to save money, without skimpin on quality. It's especially true here, honestly. Always know what you're putting in your body. Just because it costs more doesn't always necessarily mean it's better (or better for you.)

Lastly, please excuse the lack of posting. Thing 1 and the rest of my family are too busy having a friggin BLAST!! Carsland just opened and it's sick. Definitely a must see! Anyway, hope you all get to see it at some point, even if you're not a fan of the movie or Disney. They know what they're doing, I swear. Well done, Imagineers!

Have a magical day,

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PPS Here's a pic of Thing 1 taking my advice and me showing off the label of my fav flavor: ripened raspberry! They sell these at the park, as well. (Though we got ours at Costco for a fraction of the price- WINNING!)


  1. We freeze our water for the beach and water parks!!! :D

    1. YesSSSSSS!! The best! I can't stand warm water lol


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